I approach the canvas with boldness and spontaneity. Speed is my fuel.
Creative impulses appear swiftly – without time for analysis, each piece lives its own life.

I find great inspiration in colour and organic shapes. As an embodiment of both elements, flowers have especially been grounds for my artistic exploration – whether interpreted by the language of acrylics, watercolour, oil pastels or mixed media

The beauty found in nature serves as a driving force to create works that pay tribute to hope, boldness and a joy of life.

Other subjects that interest me comprise architecture, natural landscapes and everyday objects. Most arise from imagination or recollection, but also depictions of real-time scenes from nature interest me. In the same vein, light plays a central role in my work.

About me:

My name is Sarah Penelope Thorup. I am a self-taught, British-born artist residing in Denmark. BA (Hons) in History of Art.